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Methane Monster II ~ Demise of the Arctic

This time the earth and with it, the arctic speaks first.  Credits and attributions, and acknowledgements elsewhere.  The video:

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AMMRR2 is Done!

I handed over the video to the consummate Malathy Drew yesterday, and she is doing her great magic on the effort.  Just three hours long?  Why so long?  Guess.  Things are serious.  I will preview SOME of the images in the … Continue reading

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AMMRR2, Update

Back in April, I finally started back on AMMRR2, and for the last two weeks, I have been plowing through this.  I expect to be done in about a week, then hand it over for production.  Only 287 slides and images … Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary

Well, its hard to imagine, but having lived a bit we all know how much life can change in a year. Little did I know that when I embarked on my effort for presenting the key findings and major conclusions … Continue reading

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Arctic Methane Monster Rapid Rise II

I have spent the last month finally getting going on AMM II.  It’s not easy.  It’s a lot to face.  It’s not like it is just bad news but it is THE news.  The news of all news.  Almost a … Continue reading

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Guy McPherson

Through no fault of anyone’s, the audio did not turn out well on the Guy session.  He was justly tired after Europe, so it was probably providential, and as good as I wanted to be and prepared accordingly, I cannot … Continue reading

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Arctic News

No less than Sam Carana’s Arctic News picked me up days after the Arctic Methane Monster’s Rapid Raise video. ‘Researcher Jennifer Hynes recently gave a frightening presentation about the situation in the Arctic and the odds that things will rapidly … Continue reading


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Arctic Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise

Over this last weekend, I did get to present at Corelight, who made an excellent video with my presentation and excellent audio.  I vowed not to try to popularize this video but has gone round and round the world and … Continue reading

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