Heat On Extinction Radio


Extinction Radio Rocks.  This station provides a great service for community outreach for all people grappling with the possibility of near term human extinction.  Once we begin to accept the extinction as a future reality, a process begins that lasts our entire lives.  Acceptance is only the beginning.  Elizabeth Kubler Ross and the 5 stages of grief, here we come …. The first thing we usually want is to talk to other people who have come to this this conclusion as well.  The second best thing can be to listen to others talk about it.

So needless to say, I was really honored when Mike Ferrigan, producer of Extinction Radio, asked me to be an on-going guest on the program.  He and I plan to have chats about ongoing abrupt climate change, as well as the downstream effects, including the downfall of civilization.  I am really looking forward to our fruitful future conversations.

This first regular guest spot interview I had on Extinction Radio most recently is below. This particular show featured an interview with Dmitry Orlov, who is always a big draw.    Click Here if you want to listen to the entire show (just under two hours), but for those of you on the run, my segment starts at 39:25 and goes to the 53:11 mark (13:46 long).

———- ———-

Note: My Bio has been revised.  While similar to what was there before, it has been refreshed, is more streamlined, and is current, FYI.  It is linked here.

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Climate Rodeo Roundup


It is my great honor to be part of the ‘current Extinction Radio show’ in the nicely resumed 3.0 Series as a feature guest in an in-depth interview entitled simply ‘Jennifer Hynes‘.  We had an an amazing conversation, and started out with a deep dive talking about Peter Wadhams. Mike Ferrigan had recently just interviewed  Peter Wadhams and discussed Peter’s  new book ‘A Farewell to Ice: A Report from the Arctic‘.

My segment ‘Conversation with Jennifer Hynes’ on this Wednesday September 7, 2016 show is shared in full.  If you want to go straight to the interview at the 2:20 mark, please  by clicking here.  About 0:31:08 long.

Additionally, Extinction Radio Founder, Mike Ferrigan, not only invited me back to his show, but offered me a recurring guest segment, which I am calling the ‘Climate Rodeo Roundup‘.  Next show, Mike will interview Dmitri Orlov, which will no doubt be fascinating.  Mike and I will also have a conversation in the “Climate Rodeo Roundup” next show.

BTW, our very good friends Lisa White, Paul Beckwith, and Peter Melton are all included in a series of shorts starting at the 33:4645:50, and 52:22 marks.



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Navigating Abrupt Climate Change Holistically


It was my great honor to again be on Carolyn Baker’s latest episode of The Lifeboat Hour:

Navigating Abrupt Climate Change Holistically‘, shared today, Monday 30 May, 2016.

Navigating Abrupt Climate Change Holistically with Jennifer Hynes. Carolyn and Jennifer discuss the latest developments in abrupt climate change and talk about how we can be present to ourselves and each other in the ongoing disaster rodeo.’

As many of you know, I was already on her show several times shared at Interviews here.

Just as Paul Beckwith both favors and is favored by Alex Smith’s Radio EcoShock, this is similar for me, where I always feel able to be myself, understand, and be understood by Carolyn.

Besides being collaborators, she is my friend, and close to many of us in the greater Boulder Community in the cross current of spirit, climate, transformation, recovery, and hospice even.  You also may have noticed her recently redeveloped site.  It is quite refreshing and hope you get to visit there (linked at top).

Carolyn is many things.  She is a healer, teacher, writer, speaker, major collaborator (with Andrew Harvey, Dr. Guy McPherson, to name but a few), and a is trusted voice in these crazy, and increasingly less stable times we grieve or try to celebrate in, depending on events or mood.
———- ———-

Deluge. It is a word which has entered our vocabulary. It just happened yesterday. This is not old news.

‘Biblical Torrent Floods German Town’ | Braunsbach Baden-Wuerttemberg


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Coming Interview, Again with Carolyn Baker’s Lifeboat Hour


I am absolutely thrilled to be invited now, for the third time, back onto Carolyn Baker’s Lifeboat Hour (previously July 3 and September 18, 2015 as shown in Interviews 4 and 6).  This will happen latter next week, and I will certainly share publication times with listeners and friends soon as I know, since I know many will ask.  Since she recently set out to better secure stability and continuity for this vital show with new hosting, you know she means business about being solid.  Its nice to see her great work continue.

Since she recently interviewed no less than esteemed, super survivor Dmitry Orlov, it is truly a very great honor to follow so many worthy guests.  Serious is not the word for it.   Mondays show Geo-Politics, Economic Meltdown, and The US Election is shared here.

She is always very well prepared, gets it deeply, and mixes spirit and matter as few others do.  And as many of you know, she has collaborated with many luminaries including but not limited to Dr. Guy McPherson, religious scholar and teacher Andrew Harvey, and continued the work of Michael C. Ruppert, following his untimely death.

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Tipping Points and Climate, Interview with Wolfgang Werminghausen


Wolfgang Werminghausen has followed Nick’s shining example, and not only further developed his own website, but went on to having additionally established a SoundCloud account [1].  It is my great honor to be his second guest in what promises to be an ongoing series and following as his second guest, no less than our esteemed Professor Dr. Guy McPherson for the start of the series, is my great honor.  Thank you Wolfgang.  As you know, he also did the arduous task of translating my second video into German, as shared here.

His post is shown here, as Tipping Points in Climate Change and Personal Life, and the podcast of course is here directly.  Podcast is 29:44 long:

In a very self effacing kind of a way, for such a giant brain and a very good heart, Wolfgang professes not to have great English, but I always understand him quite well, and he did a unbelievably great job with Guy, bringing in more truth telling, and using his patent ‘top down’ ‘whole systems’ thinking.  Several persons I know listened to it twice–that’s how rich it was–and his work fits my own view, that all systems interconnect, and we cannot just see society, or nature, or habitat, or spirit as separate parts, but all these things as part of a larger pattern.  As he has  this down in spades, it is my great honor for sure.

Lastly, he plans to alternate, and as he establishes traction here, in getting started, promises to do podcasts three and four in German, and weave back and forth.  This is great work by him, as he always does.
———- ———-

[1schneller als gedacht, Faster Than Expected

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Thermodynamics of Civilization, Tim Garrett / Full Interviews

garrett_1773   Tim_Garrett_medium

When ‘RedreamerWendy Bandurski-Miller recommended Professor Tim Garrett, of the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah, to me, I took notice. He moreover recently joined Tim Bennett of Unspun, ‘to discuss the thermodynamic implications of our energy consumption and the possible collapse of civilization that is the result of our Greenhouse Gas by-products’.  How could I NOT take note? Thank you Wendy.
———- ———-

Like any project, they can start small, then get bigger.  We heard the concerns, as to the many interviews NOT being consolidated to one spot, and have hopefully remedied the situation some more.  Thank you for letting us know.  If we missed anything or if you have any corrections, please let us know and we will address them.  But our Podcast tab is now named interviews, and currently has 12 links there, and of course, soon we will share the Auckland broadcast.  Interviews here!  A valuable and hard earned compilation.
———– ———-

What words can adequately describe my gratitude to Kevin, who besides sharing this critical information with those in his community and nation, was a gentleman, and a great host and just a lot of fun.  We got along great, and were in harmony. Thank you also to Dr. Guy McPherson for joining us.  Thank you also to Prof. Paul Beckwith, for his expertise and participation.  Dahr Jamal would have joined us, but most sincerely could not due to the serious medicals needs of a friend.  Next time please!
———- ———-

I don’t know when the last day on earth is, but when and if it is, I wish to be around folks like the Hart Family Ranch.  They are the final word on doing it the way it is meant to be.  They had–if not all of it–then surely much of it.  My gratitude to them for their hospitality.

———- ———-

Lastly, let me not fail to mention and thank the great welcome and generosity of Robin Westenra, as well as ‘conservationist, environmental educationist, teacher of yoga and meditation practitioner‘ Pam Crisp and ‘Wellington based Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher and writerDido Dunlop for sharing time and fellowship with me.  I really, really enjoyed them immensely.  Thank you!


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Jennifer Hynes in Wellington, Main Event, Select Videos


My trip to New Zealand and visit with Kevin Hester has been a great success, of which I will be sharing more latter.  A lifetime treasure.  For now, most briefly among much to share, tell, and retell, here is my recent interview with Robin Westenra of the famed SeeMoreRocks blog.  This is followed by a reminder of tomorrows main, live talk, and a few hopefully comforting videos sharing the great beauty of Rakino Island and some of the grace and overall flavor.

I have been made to feel very welcome in many, many place, by a great many persons, and needless to say Kevin is the very best of hosts and guides, doing all to make this a deeply meaningful trip with great efficacy.  As many of you know, he is friends with all good activists and I thank him deeply for his generosity, vision, and endlessly resourceful and fertile imagination.

Our meeting:  ‘Jennifer Hynes in Wellington’ // Published on Feb 11, 2016

‘Seemorerocks joins Jennifer Hynes in conversation with Dido Dunlop, Wellington-based Tibetan Buddhist meditation teacher and writer; and Pam Crisp, conservationist, environmental educationist, teacher of yoga and meditation practitioner’.
——— ———-

For those of you in Auckland, I speak Sunday the 14th, and this is at 1 pm local time, at the Ika Restaurant.  Details here.  Link to the LiveStream event is here.  For those of you in the states, this is four pm PST and 7 pm EST tomorrow Saturday.
———- ———-

Rakino Island, New Zealand – Sunset Walk // Published on Feb 6, 2016

Rakino Island, New Zealand. Taking time out for a lovely sunset walk on February 6, 2016, whilst prepping for the presentation for the Arctic Methane Emergency Public Meeting with Kevin Hester.
———- ———-

Rakino Island – Flowers // Published on Feb 4, 2016

My visit to Rakino Island , New Zealand, February 3-6, 2016. Kevin Hester and I prep for upcoming Arctic Methane Emergency public meeting in Auckland, NZ. This is my walk about the island, and the local flora. A very healthy ecosystem!
———- ———-


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