There is a lot to me. I say that at heart that I am simple girl, but in the end, far and beyond past my long term technology career, travels, and wide range of experiences as the daughter of a foreign services officer, I have a deep connection to Buddhism, love gardening, photography, and hiking. I share that here in the associated sections below.
———- ———-

No matter how ardent our professional work, and no matter how serious our work as activists, there remains a component outside capital, customers, issues and friends.

We have bodies,

We have homes,

We have friends,

We have pleasure.

We have activities.

Now and again, I might need to or want to say something about this.  And here is where I will do it.

1 Response to Personal

  1. Michael O'Connor says:

    Jennifer, if you are ever in Oregon or Washington area I’d love to meet you. Just to thank you, and out of admiration for your courage and honesty, and your sense of humor (though that might seem odd to say– but yes, I love your laugh). You are amazing, and that isn’t a word I use lightly. Also, do you know Bud Nye in the Seattle area? He has a group there– we are both heartfelt admirers of Guy McPherson, and his group may have hosted Guy by this point. You and Guy are both people I would like to thank in person. Email me at if you are interested in communicating. In my professional life I am a college professor in Disability Studies/Special Education but I spend much of my time these days reading about the Earth, and the changes we are living through now. The rest of my time I try to enjoy every minute of life of Earth, often from the perspective of my bicycle or kayak. I live near the mountains, marshes, rivers, mountain lakes… I’ve been lucky in so many ways.
    Anyway, I wish you all the peace and happiness in this world and the other ones too, and you really can’t know how much your talks affected me– something about your voice, I guess.


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