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Heat On Extinction Radio

Extinction Radio Rocks.  This station provides a great service for community outreach for all people grappling with the possibility of near term human extinction.  Once we begin to accept the extinction as a future reality, a process begins that lasts our … Continue reading


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Navigating Abrupt Climate Change Holistically

It was my great honor to again be on Carolyn Baker’s latest episode of The Lifeboat Hour: ‘Navigating Abrupt Climate Change Holistically‘, shared today, Monday 30 May, 2016. ‘Navigating Abrupt Climate Change Holistically with Jennifer Hynes. Carolyn and Jennifer discuss … Continue reading

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Coming Interview, Again with Carolyn Baker’s Lifeboat Hour

I am absolutely thrilled to be invited now, for the third time, back onto Carolyn Baker’s Lifeboat Hour (previously July 3 and September 18, 2015 as shown in Interviews 4 and 6).  This will happen latter next week, and I … Continue reading

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Tipping Points and Climate, Interview with Wolfgang Werminghausen

Wolfgang Werminghausen has followed Nick’s shining example, and not only further developed his own website, but went on to having additionally established a SoundCloud account [1].  It is my great honor to be his second guest in what promises to … Continue reading

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Thermodynamics of Civilization, Tim Garrett / Full Interviews

    When ‘Redreamer‘ Wendy Bandurski-Miller recommended Professor Tim Garrett, of the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah, to me, I took notice. He moreover recently joined Tim Bennett of Unspun, ‘to discuss the thermodynamic implications of … Continue reading

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Jennifer Hynes in Wellington, Main Event, Select Videos

My trip to New Zealand and visit with Kevin Hester has been a great success, of which I will be sharing more latter.  A lifetime treasure.  For now, most briefly among much to share, tell, and retell, here is my recent … Continue reading

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Lifeboat Hour, with Carolyn Baker, Second Show

Here is the wonderful show with Carolyn Baker, from today at 2 pm EST:  ‘Lifeboat hour – 09.18.15‘. ‘Jennifer Hynes returns to the show to talk about her second piece of monumental climate research, “The Demise of The Arctic‘. This show … Continue reading

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Recent Podcast, Extinction Radio

Peter Melton recently included me on Extinction Radio, Podcast Episode 24, published on on Sunday, 9-6-2015.  Thank you Peter.  A real class human–a spiritual being who always gets it.  A gem of a man. As they say, ‘We can not … Continue reading

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The Lifeboat Hour, With Carolyn Baker

What is the saying parents often repeat:  ‘I love my kids all the same’.  But I cannot help but say how much I not only enjoyed the interview with Carolyn Baker, who is a well known writer, scholar, healer, teacher. … Continue reading

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Andrew Harvey, Continues

The interview with great religious scholar Andrew Harvey had many aspects to it, and continues here: Xnotes: Is There Hope? Xnotes: We Don’t Know?

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