October: Mike Ferrigan and I extended our partership and begin co-producing Extinction Radio at

August, was not only interviewed again at Extinction Radio, but asked by founder Mike Ferrigan to be regular guest, with a monthly slow called ‘Jennifer’s Climate Rodeo Roundup’.

Spring to summer, transition from one multi-billion dollar corporation to another.

Feb, trip to New Zealand

Jan, live interview with Doug Bennett’s Unspun: An Experiment in Truth-Telling, on KKRN (Sat 30 Jan)

Jan, podcast with Nick Burke of Relief Analysis (Fri 22 Jan)


Dec, received invitation to be interviewed for late January, by a professional radio station program, which had interviewed Paul Erlich, Michael E. Mann, Guy McPherson, Paul Beckwith.

Nov, confirmed engagement date for trip to New Zealand, public talk.


This picture was taken August 30, 2015, right after recording Methane Monster II – Demise of the Arctic. After 2 hours and 40 minutes of talking – 1 single take, this picture was taken as the sun was setting. What a moment in time.


Taken 2 days after recording the “Methane MonsterII – Demise of the Arctic”, August 30, 2015. Smiling and happy!

July, Invited to broadcast with Guy McPherson, Peter Wadams, and Harold Hensel for proposed major television program on Rapid Climate Change.  In development.

July, Interviewed by Carolyn Baker, hosted on Lifeboat Hour Podcast.

May, Interviewed by Andrew Harvey, hosted on WEUplife Us on YouTube.

April, Interviewed by Extinction Radio, Podcast.

April, Follow-up Interview by Dr. Guy McPherson, of Nature Bats Last.  Unpublished.


January, Added to Nature Bats Last, Climate Change Summary.


September, Interviewed by Dr. Guy McPherson, of Nature Bats Last, Podcast

August, Arctic News blog, makes mention of the AMMRR video, just days after it was published.

August, Arctic Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise presentation, published to YouTube.

July, Invited by Corelight to present on Arctic Methane.


April: In Gangtey Gonpa, Bhutan.


April 2014 – Thimphu, Bhutan. Annual celebration at the Astrology monastery


Early September, Flying by from Europe over Greenland, with much of the land shrouded in fog, inexplicably, the heavens cleared, I looked down, and could see.  I saw black everywhere as far as the eye could see and my life was change irrevocably forever.  This was the second life altering event.


August, Joined Fortune 100 Corporation, as a Senior ‘Technical Manager’, ‘specializing in Oracle applications hosting’, using her ‘strong background in Oracle Database technologies, Unix administration, data intelligence architecture and data warehouse methodologies’.

January 2010 – Attended American School of Vientiane reunion – at the reunion banquet with friends and old school chums

In January, travels in Laos and Cambodia with schoolmates in school reunion for American School of Vientiane, Laos, which I attended from 1967 – 1972 while I lived in Laos. While in Southeast Asia, I had the opportunity to visit Cambodia and journeyed to Angkor Wat and the Killing Fields. Visiting here was a powerful and moving experience.

20343_1249416232686_380129_n (1)

With my best friend, Marcia Murto from Vientiane in 7th and 8th grade, at the American School of Vientiane, Laos.


Standing in front of the Tuol Sleng prison 21, where the Khmer Rouge sent educated intellectuals to die during the Pol Pot regime…visiting here was a powerful, emotional experience


2008, PMP, Project Management Professional Certification, completed.

August 1996 to May 2010, Various roles in technology, and did consulting with an emphasis on Data Warehousing. Stints included IBM, Computer Associates, Time Warner.


Scuba diving journey, in deep water, I had magical experiences the memories of which endure to this day.


Going to Kinkos to make copies, I had the good fortune to meet Venerable Lama Karma Rinpoche, of the ‘Drukpa Mila Center: Authentic Tibetan Buddhism‘.  At the time he spoke no English, and had just arrived in the United States.  I took my own money and got him an AOL account.  He was lonely for his family, missed them, and this gave him means of reaching home.  He always appreciated this, giving us a special connection which can never be erased.  This was the first of two huge, ultimately life altering events.


July, moved to Colorado

Travel in Europe, including meeting Latrobe’s in France.  My ancestor was the architect for the US Capital, a real treat.  My time in Europe was extensive, with too many places to mention, but this one was special.  Time in England, Croatia.


Living life in Los Angelas.  So much to learn.


I had the good sense to go back and get training in computers, even though I already had earned my college degree.  I need more.  I wanted more.  It was clear.


University of California, San Diego, matriculated with Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.

1976 – 1977

American College in Paris, International Studies in French



Jen and Jess in Cape Coast Castle, Ghana: 1974

Travelled and lived in Accra, Ghana from 1973 – 1977 and during that time, I also lived at my boarding school at “San Domenico School for Girls”

1972 – 1976

San Domenico School, College Prep



Bangkok, boat down the river


Bangkok, 1968


Vientiane, 1971. Mom and me. Mom is a cheerleader in a teacher cheerleader thing.

1971 – Vientiane, Laos.
At school football event at American School of Vientiane, Laos. Go ASV Cobras. My mother is in the foreground cheering, in her very stylish plaid shorts, lol.


I am going to Laos for Xmas/New Year – big trip up the Mekong/ Luang Prabang/ Plain of Jars – first time back since 1972 – here is a picture of me arriving in Laos in 1967 – what a cutie!


Bangkok, 1968

Lived in Laos, in Southeast Asia.  My father was a Foreign Service Officer for the US Department of State, in particular a Program Officer in the Agency for International Development (AID).


Born on earth.

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