In the News

So much of what is newsworthy that I will share, will be about climate, collapse, potential extinction issues, pressure on nature, food, habitat, or population.

But now and again, I will post things that are NOT about climate, spirituality, career, or creativity, and this is where most of it will go.

As wonderful as Facebook is, it has one characteristic which is especially limiting, and that is when you really have something of real value, its hard to serve out, given its short shelf life. There are of course ways around it, but they are not easy. Here is the solution.

Stories of human accomplishment, charity, kindness, humor.  Whatever is notable and not science or spirit, my two areas of competency–of course, outside of data warehousing, makes three.

From Indian Country Today Media Network, July 19, 2015.



ABC, Oct 1, 2015

John saw Sally.  Sally was quite…


PDQ, Sept 1, 2015

The hall of Zang Chu people decided to clean their rooms and agree to meet weekly, to make kimchi while reading Flaubert live, doing live performance art, Reuters reported.


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