Climate Rodeo Roundup


It is my great honor to be part of the ‘current Extinction Radio show’ in the nicely resumed 3.0 Series as a feature guest in an in-depth interview entitled simply ‘Jennifer Hynes‘.  We had an an amazing conversation, and started out with a deep dive talking about Peter Wadhams. Mike Ferrigan had recently just interviewed  Peter Wadhams and discussed Peter’s  new book ‘A Farewell to Ice: A Report from the Arctic‘.

My segment ‘Conversation with Jennifer Hynes’ on this Wednesday September 7, 2016 show is shared in full.  If you want to go straight to the interview at the 2:20 mark, please  by clicking here.  About 0:31:08 long.

Additionally, Extinction Radio Founder, Mike Ferrigan, not only invited me back to his show, but offered me a recurring guest segment, which I am calling the ‘Climate Rodeo Roundup‘.  Next show, Mike will interview Dmitri Orlov, which will no doubt be fascinating.  Mike and I will also have a conversation in the “Climate Rodeo Roundup” next show.

BTW, our very good friends Lisa White, Paul Beckwith, and Peter Melton are all included in a series of shorts starting at the 33:4645:50, and 52:22 marks.




About jenniferhynes99

As a highly trained engineer in technology with an emphasis on large data migration and a deep and abiding interested in spirituality [Buddhism], and having traveled the world, Jennifer brings her broad understanding to rapid climate change and sustainability and spirit. She is deeply concerned and cares deeply for our planet. While not a formally trained climatologist, her Arctic Methane Monster video went gone viral in the last year. As a senior person with plenty of responsibility at a Fortune 100 Corporation, she vowed not to seek to promote her video and yet surely it happened.
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3 Responses to Climate Rodeo Roundup

  1. Deb says:

    [Contact made. Thanks, Jennifer!] Would love to have you on my podcast but I’m not sure how to contact you. Send me a note if interested. 🙂


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  3. Paul Anderson says:

    Jennifer–very appreciative of the videos and your efforts. A quibble: when you have a distinguished researcher such as Peter Wadhams and pose questions to him–and your questions are excellent–can you work on posing one at a time, so that we get opportunities for well developed responses to each?


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