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Coming Interview, Again with Carolyn Baker’s Lifeboat Hour

I am absolutely thrilled to be invited now, for the third time, back onto Carolyn Baker’s Lifeboat Hour (previously July 3 and September 18, 2015 as shown in Interviews 4 and 6).  This will happen latter next week, and I … Continue reading

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Thermodynamics of Civilization, Tim Garrett / Full Interviews

    When ‘Redreamer‘ Wendy Bandurski-Miller recommended Professor Tim Garrett, of the Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Utah, to me, I took notice. He moreover recently joined Tim Bennett of Unspun, ‘to discuss the thermodynamic implications of … Continue reading

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Epic Podcast with Master Craftsman

My interview, ‘Embracing Abrupt Climate Change, with a Humanitarian Spirit‘ with Nick of Relief Analysis, was an amazing experience of and a great meeting of minds.  It was gigantic. So much came out of it. He was called to my attention weeks … Continue reading

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Re Invite, Back to Lifeboat Hour, with Carolyn Baker

Carolyn Baker has invited me back, to join her this Friday morning, September 18th, 2015, as her guest again on Lifeboat Hour.  This is on PRN, Progressive Radio Network. That is at noon MST here in Colorado, two pm EST … Continue reading

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One Year Anniversary

Well, its hard to imagine, but having lived a bit we all know how much life can change in a year. Little did I know that when I embarked on my effort for presenting the key findings and major conclusions … Continue reading

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CNN, Fox, Democracy Now, Al Jazeera, Tom Hartmann, VICE, RT News?

I don’t want to get in trouble with my constituencies, but I can say this much.  I was approached weeks ago, asking whether I would be willing to go on a major network, with Guy McPherson, Peter Wadhams, and several … Continue reading

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Kevin Lister

I mentioned Kevin Hester, and if that were not enough, had the good fortune to be introduced to Kevin Lister, a fine, gem of a man.  He is a serious activist and quickly grabbed his The Vortex of Violence and … Continue reading

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New Zealand

My more modest side prefers to fly more quietly under the radar but THEY tell me this is good for me, so I do it.  Well, what is good for me is good for the earth, since it is the … Continue reading

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Andrew Harvey, Continues

The interview with great religious scholar Andrew Harvey had many aspects to it, and continues here: Xnotes: Is There Hope? Xnotes: We Don’t Know?

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Andrew Harvey, Interview

It was such a great honor, to be interviewed by religious scholar, author, lecturer, mover and shaker in personal transformation, the esteemed Andrew Harvey [1]. The interviews were presented in segments, and I gladly share several of them here: Xnotes: … Continue reading

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