World Travels

I have traveled in many countries, in particular Southeast Asia and Europe.  Besides traveling with my parents as a young girl, then as a young woman in France, I have traveled to Bhutan, in a devotional setting.  I have not seen all this world but quite a lot of it.

I thus  I bring that dimension over space and duration over time to climate concern issues that are most serious.  Unlike others who might have an eye on keeping their spot on the chair to generate if not retain an income, and thus muzzle or feel the need to much tone down a dire message, this is not me.  Guy McPherson and I share this characteristic.  I can get a job almost anywhere for what I know how to do and in size.  Not to brag.  Issue is, I come from a clean place of giving, not seeking with ambition.

Bhutan – 0000
Ghana – 0000
Cambodia – 0000
London – Olympics – 2012
Western Ireland – 2008
Paris – Latrobe reunion – 1997
The Balkans–Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro
Laos – 0000

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