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Climate Change Researcher, Jennifer Hynes, Thursday February 11th, 7:30 to 9:30 pm 

Stop Out Sports Club, Hut Park, 161 Hutt Park Road, Hutt Park Road, Seaview, Petone (navigable map).

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US Climate Researcher Jennifer Hynes will be giving a public talk on the Arctic Methane Emergency at Stop Out Sports Club, Hut Park in Wellington.  Jennifer will continue discussing her seminal Methane Monster video presentations, which instantly went round the world, going viral on YouTube.  Her message contains serious warnings.

She made clear, easy to understand explanations as to the fact and certainty of polar and ocean warming, the imminent threat of methane, serious pressures upon both ecologies and economies, and the hidden fight of those who rule this world, who know full well what is to come–yet go on pretending they do not, yet at great cost.


Because she grew up with a father who was a Foreign Service Officer for the US Department of State, Jennifer got to travel and see a lot, and from an early age was exposed to many indigenous cultures.  Going from Washington DC as a young woman with her parents to Laos during the Vietnam war, she grew up overseas in South East Asia (Laos) and West Africa (Ghana) then went on to international studies in French at the American College in Paris.

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She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at The University of California of San Diego, then followed a calling by seeking out advanced engineering training.  She grew to become a senior IT professional with a specialization in large data migration which demands the utmost capacity in cannot fail situations.

Jennifer’s early exposure to world cultures combined with close study of the developing world and current affairs led to her deep and abiding interest Eastern spirituality.  She is a long time student of Tibetan Buddhism.  She even had the good fortune to meet Lama Karma after she came from California, running into him dressed in plain clothes at a FedEx Kinkos in Boulder, helped him materially to get situated, and has for long been active in the greater Denver spiritual community.

Jennifer she has been studying climate change as a lay person for over ten years.  She feels a deep sense of urgency about global warming.  Having flown as a young girl and knowing first-hand the expanses of Greenland’s whiteness which she saw was now clearly gone, she was struck by the vast darkness of the land surface during a life altering flyover in the summer of 2012.  From that, she was driven to understand the scale and impact of obvious carbon impact from industrialization.  While she is NOT a scientist but a generalist.  But she did not just come to her original topic as an activist alone, but with the vision of a well-trained engineer.

They Say
Accolades came from top arctic researcher Sam Carana’s Arctic News Blog.  She is mentioned next to Noam Chomsky, Paul Ehrlich, and Chris Hedges as shown here.  Says professional government disaster specialist Nick Burk of ReliefAnalysis.com, Jennifer’s epic series of viral videos are ‘the most comprehensive and comprehensible complete overview of abrupt climate change available’.

Host, Kevin Hester
As Kevin says, terminating his membership in the Green party of Aotearoa, By The Daily Blog  /   December 14, 2015:

Dear Madam / Sir, I respectively wish to have my Green Party membership terminated forthwith in light of what I believe to be the ‘Greens’ abject  failure to face up to the dire consequences of abrupt climate change and their complicity in the incineration of the bio-sphere. 

I have been having major issues with the party policy of sugar coating the severity of this planetary emergency but the tipping point for me was yesterday’s pronouncement by James Shaw that the signing of the agreement at Cop21  was a positive achievement . It was patently nothing of the sort. The agreement has achieved no substantive commitments to reduce emissions with nothing being obligatory. As in Copenhagen the can has been kicked down the road and further over the cliff. 

Cop 21 has  effectively produced an agreement to emit more not less with near total disregard for tipping points like the melting permafrost, methane clathrates discharges from the ocean floor and numerous others. … I find it very telling that leading climate scientist James E Hansen can refer to COP 21 as a ’ Fraud’ and James Shaw describe it as a historic achievement, wtf, cognitive dissonance or denial? Whose side is James Shaw on, the environments and all the species that live within it  or “ The Dominant Culture” as my friend Professor Guy McPherson ( guymcpherson.com ) refers to the economic and financial system that is incinerating the bio-sphere, where we humans  live as a predatory part of.  This dereliction of duty is unforgivable from a party supposedly environmentally conscious. 

Supporting the agreement in any way is the same as  leading the populace that trusts the party,  sleepwalking to extinction.  … Yesterday was a sad day in the history of this planet with an effective death sentence being passed on most species, including ours  and the entire  biosphere. Today is a sad day for me personally with me giving up on the Green Party of Aotearoa but I cannot support a party that is willfully in dereliction of it’s duty for what I believe is political expediency .  Being the best of a bad bunch is not acceptable, lying to the parties supporters and the “ youth of today” is unforgiveable. 

Sadly, Yours faithfully, Kevin Hester, Former Green Party Member’