There are many useful videos, webpages, groups, and individuals who shape and further out understanding of climate change, potential collapse, and the struggle to survive in a world without unlimited resources.


Guy McPherson.  So many good video.  Pick any ten at random, all great.  Here is one:

Sam Carana.  His promethean vast Arctic News blog is the essential go to source for news on Rapid Climate Change.

Peter Wadhams.  Dr. Wadhams is the real deal.  Many good videos.  Probably his best one is here:

Robertscribbler, Scribbling for Environmental, Social, and Economic Justice.  Hard to rate this below Arctic news, just different.  Cannot fail not to gain much reading and viewing here also.

Natalia Shakhova, the real prototypical Russian, correct, serious scientist.  Not a fragile person, but the pressure she is under NOT to raise the alarm on her proprietary, real time, real data, real materially and concretely driven access to samples and measures she does herself, and thus full red alert is palpably seen in this video,  Want to see a serious person, facing serious things, try this:

Eric Rignot.  This is like the good housekeeping seal of approval, for report card on the largest ice mass on earth:


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