Coming Interview, Again with Carolyn Baker’s Lifeboat Hour


I am absolutely thrilled to be invited now, for the third time, back onto Carolyn Baker’s Lifeboat Hour (previously July 3 and September 18, 2015 as shown in Interviews 4 and 6).  This will happen latter next week, and I will certainly share publication times with listeners and friends soon as I know, since I know many will ask.  Since she recently set out to better secure stability and continuity for this vital show with new hosting, you know she means business about being solid.  Its nice to see her great work continue.

Since she recently interviewed no less than esteemed, super survivor Dmitry Orlov, it is truly a very great honor to follow so many worthy guests.  Serious is not the word for it.   Mondays show Geo-Politics, Economic Meltdown, and The US Election is shared here.

She is always very well prepared, gets it deeply, and mixes spirit and matter as few others do.  And as many of you know, she has collaborated with many luminaries including but not limited to Dr. Guy McPherson, religious scholar and teacher Andrew Harvey, and continued the work of Michael C. Ruppert, following his untimely death.


About jenniferhynes99

As a highly trained engineer in technology with an emphasis on large data migration and a deep and abiding interested in spirituality [Buddhism], and having traveled the world, Jennifer brings her broad understanding to rapid climate change and sustainability and spirit. She is deeply concerned and cares deeply for our planet. While not a formally trained climatologist, her Arctic Methane Monster video went gone viral in the last year. As a senior person with plenty of responsibility at a Fortune 100 Corporation, she vowed not to seek to promote her video and yet surely it happened.
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1 Response to Coming Interview, Again with Carolyn Baker’s Lifeboat Hour

  1. Hello Jennifer
    I write a French climate change blog. I do watch and read what you post 🙂
    You talk about the Methane Monster, but do you know about the…
    Hydrogen sulfide monsters?
    Please read this article from Robert Scribbler

    Take care

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