Complete Set of Slides

I have been doing the heavy lifting for the new Methane Monster presentation in the wonderful Microsoft One Note [1].  The continuation did not start last week or last month, but as I said, began back in April.  I also already and often acknowledged and thanked Sam Carana for his significant source for parts of my work, yet it would be unjust not to again hasten to thank him for his gigantic contribution.  Similar appreciations in all ways must be given to Guy McPherson.  Thank you to both giants, for helping get out the report card on planet earth in a big way.  It’s all we have.  This is where we live.

By popular demand, click here, to access all 287 images and slides (BTW: after a prudent twenty-four hour pause, tomorrow I will, in perfect parity, be similarly sharing the complete, downloadable/viewable transcript):  Methane Monster – Demise of Arctic 20150830 FINAL.pptx.

Images from the video I can give you.  Text of the video can also be shared.  Audio and sounds can be obtained right off the video.  Thank you for visiting.  We have only just begun this process.  More to follow this adventure of in serious investigation.






[1] Microsoft is not–sui generis–all as one, but a mix of some bad products, OK, great, and indifferent (dk).  Excel certainly does it.  And some have said that ‘Outlook is the one product they managed NOT to totally ruin’.  Not sure if that is true or not, but whatever it is, let us add One Note to your radar.  Thank you Microsoft for this great, invaluable tool.


About jenniferhynes99

As a highly trained engineer in technology with an emphasis on large data migration and a deep and abiding interested in spirituality [Buddhism], and having traveled the world, Jennifer brings her broad understanding to rapid climate change and sustainability and spirit. She is deeply concerned and cares deeply for our planet. While not a formally trained climatologist, her Arctic Methane Monster video went gone viral in the last year. As a senior person with plenty of responsibility at a Fortune 100 Corporation, she vowed not to seek to promote her video and yet surely it happened.
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