Unspun Wrestles Methane Monster with Jennifer Hynes, Climate Researcher

Here is the much anticipated replay, of the podcast of the excellent, professional interview with Doug from early Saturday.  It was a great honor and is moveover with great pleasure and appreciation that I get to share this, so that those of you who might not have heard it or wish to check out the replay, now can.  The link to the file is below the photo on the Unspun site.

KKRN_LOGO             Doug-Bennett

I am scheduled to leave for New Zealand today, amidst bad weather in Denver.  Fingers crossed.

Kevin has already booked me to another talk for after I arrive, this one in Wellington, on Thursday 11-Feb-2016, at 7:30 pm, details here.  Thank you Kevin.  Kevin as you know is a mover and shaker in all matters of serious climate change activism and we thank him for his tireless efforts on our behalf.   Details of my second talk, set for Saturday are here.

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Extinction Radio 45, Feature Interview


I was so pleased to be the feature interview for Extinction Radio, Episode 45 for January 29, 2016.  This was just released today, and is with the ever adroit Gene Gibson and the beloved and warm Peter Melton.

Those who need to zero in on the conversation quickly, to do so can just simply click here, to go directly to the start of my segment, at the 5:00 mark.  It is 49:19 long.
———- ———-

Doug-Bennett            KKRN_LOGO

And don’t forget, I am interviewed tomorrow in a live call in talk show with Doug Bennett, on Unspun:  Experiments in Truth Telling.  This is at 9 am PST local.  Details shown at this link.  Posted a few days ago here at my blog, also.
———- ———-


I leave for New Zealand the next day.  I was invited by Kevin Hester, as discussed here.  Event is for Saturday 14 Feb, 2016, and will be ‘LiveStreamed’ also. Guy, Dahr, and Paul all hope to join in with us live.


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Major Feature Interview, Live With Doug Bennett

Doug-Bennett        KKRN_LOGO

As though flying half way round the world upon the invitation of Kevin Hester to visit him in New Zealand then give a public talk on ‘The Arctic Methane Emergency‘ and meeting on Valentines Day was not enough, I am confirmed for a feature interview on Unspun: An Experiment in Truth Telling to occur the day before I leave.

This is a professional level hour long interview, with the consummate Doug Bennett and is a listener call in show, on KKRN Community Radio, broadcast out of Round Mountain California.  This is the same station which broadcasts Amy Goodman’s highly regarded Democracy Now show.

‘Please listen in or call in, this Saturday the 30th, at 9 am PST‘, noon EST, 5 pm GMT.  ‘It is a live show.’

He has interviewed many esteemed social thinkers such as Chris Hedges, Paul Ehrlich, Jared Diamond, Amy Goodman, Dr. Michael Mann, CIA whistleblower Ray McGovern, and Paul Craig Roberts–Former Editor of the Wall Street Journal to name but a few.

It is a great honor, and Doug’s legendary preparedness, fortified by his patent military intelligence training as a Russian Specialist only makes it that much better:

‘Welcome to Unspun with Doug Bennett. Unspun is an experiment in truth-telling. It attempts to cut through all the media spin by featuring some of the greatest Truth-tellers of our time and asking the questions that need to be asked. It is a listener call-in show that allows others to voice their thoughts and ask questions. 9 AM, Every Saturday. Call 530-337-1885 our studio call-in line.’

Valentines Day, Methane Emergency, Military Intelligence rolled into one.  Grab and hold on.  I am told that I am ‘not half done yet’, ‘and just starting out’.

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Epic Podcast with Master Craftsman


My interview, ‘Embracing Abrupt Climate Change, with a Humanitarian Spirit‘ with Nick of Relief Analysis, was an amazing experience of and a great meeting of minds.  It was gigantic. So much came out of it.

He was called to my attention weeks ago, since he had not only did such a fantastically good job interviewing Professor Paul Beckwith, but followed up with spotless writing and launching his venue further at SoundCloud.  Being smart is one thing.  Best nice is another.  Being broad is a third.  He is all three.  He is the entire package.

Besides being a professional governmental person engaged in the planning, formulation, and communication about Disaster and Disaster Recovery, he has an ample multi-cultural background.  His mother is Turkish while living and sounding like any other ‘normal American’ person, who can draw from both sides.  But there is more–his wife is from Vietnam.  And you can be sure that we had PLENTY TO talk about.

I am deeply honored to be his second interview.  There will be others in his deliberate palate.  He compiled a long list of candidates and was clear in his resolve for this to be his next interview in a growing series, with lots of good individuals to choose from.

———- ———-

Remember, next Saturday, I am interviewed live on Doug Bennett’s Unspun:  An Experiment in Truth-Telling.  This is the same radio station hosting both Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, The Thom Hartmann Show, and is on KKRN at nine am PST.  Details to follow.  Doug has interviewed the likes of Paul Ehrlich, Chris Hedges, Carolyn Baker, and former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Paul Craig Roberts who served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, to name but a few.
———- ———-

There is more.  Remember II, Kevin Hester invited me to New Zealand, and I fly out the NEXT day after the Unspun interview, and will be presenting ‘Arctic Methane Emergency Public Meeting’, on Saturday February 14th, at 1 pm local–four pm PST, seven pm EST, midnight GMT.  Men, take note.  This is Valentine’s Day.  Dr. Guy McPherson will be Livestreamed in, as will Prof. Paul Beckwith.  Additionally, Dahr Jamail staff member at Truthout.org hopes to attend live also, but has yet to be confirmed. And See More Rock’s Blogger Robin Westenra will be there.  Got your attention yet?
———- ———-

After Wolfgang Wer’s translation of the Facsimile text into German, yesterday we began to receive interest in Portuguese translations then today interest from Spanish speakers.  We are happy to work with anyone suitable in Chinese or Arabic.  Build it and they will come.

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Selected Images, From Methane Monster II, Fresh News

While the full version of the slides, is linked here (287 images), for convenient viewing a selection of the top 101 is shared at link after news and updates A, B, C, and D below. Much goes on behind the scenes and more is to come.  For example, we compiled then prepared this post in September, and at the end of this year, now have reason to share them.  It is time.

Similarly, in the next few days, we will finally be sharing a compressed version of the facsimile of the ‘Methane Monster, The Demise of The Arctic‘ talk.  Just as it is a LOT easier to get your head around 100 carefully selected images–prefatory to an ultimate top 50 (not yet)–instead of all 287 of them, so it will be a LOT easier to grab eight pages of a twenty page, 22,080 word text rendered in 9 point font–prefatory to a four or five page version.

[Just as Wolfgang Wer had reason to take the gigantic task of faithfully translating this into German (2) from English (1), we are open to working with others on Arabic (3), Spanish (3), Chinese (4), Hindi (5), Urdu (6), or Japanese (6)  versions, giving us the greatest reach of the planet with the fewest major sets upon productivity, ecological impact, or population .  Please spread the word.  It can happen easily // dk].  Quickly:
———- ———-

A.  I have been invited to talk on ‘KPNN’s Unspun, An Experiment in Truth-Telling‘, for Sat January 30th at 9 am PST, with Doug Bennett.  He has interviewed the likes of Chris Hedges, Paul Ehrlich, Guy McPherson, Amy Goodman, and Derrick Jensen to name but a few.  More info to follow.

B. Kevin Hester has begun to make arrangements for New Zealand, and my talk is likely to be some time late in the week or weekend of February 11 to 14th, in Auckland.  Yet we still would be delighted to Skype Guy in since he now unfortunately cannot join us, and hope to LiveStream the Event.  As soon as we know, we will share the details.

C. Nick Burk of Relief Analysis.com has asked to interview me, following his work with Professor Paul Beckwith.  Besides being a great writer who ‘gets it’, he has an ample multicultural background spanning many continents.  Likely out to about January 16th or 23th but still getting penciled in.  We will certainly let you know once he populates this to his ReliefAnalysis at SoundCloud.  He is solid.

D. And last but not least, friend and mentor Carolyn Baker put us at the top of her Speaking Truth to Power page, for the day after Christmas, for Sat 26 Dec, 2015, shown here.
———- ———-

Here are a few of the images.  The full selection of the 101 images continues at link here.  Take the size of the below selection and multiply times fifty, duly in its own place, and that aught to give you an idea of the scope of such a selection.

Slide7  1

Slide9  2

Slide10  3

Slide12  4

Slide11   5

Slide13  6

Please click here, for full selection, ‘Comprehensive Selection of Images, Methane Monster II, Demise of the Arctic‘.

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Connecting the Dots: from Methane to NTHE

Jen Portrait 3

Everyone wants to know how I connected the dots. Well, not to be cliché, but here is the truth: in 2011 I was heartbroken over the loss of a relationship that I was sure would last forever. In an attempt to numb the pain and focus on something else, I felt drawn to researching climate change. The trigger for this interest in climate change, believe it or not, was actually finding a novelty mug with the map of the Earth in a gift shop in Mill Valley, California.

If you put hot water into the mug, the map of the Earth would melt away, and show the way the coastlines would change when the sea levels rose when the ice caps melted. Funny, right? Haha. 240 feet of potential sea level rise. Let’s just say I’m happy to be in Colorado at a mile high! I love researching ideas and following where they lead – it’s like sleuthing. I should have been a private eye – as a girl I loved all the Nancy Drew Mysteries, and Harriet the Spy and a Wrinkle in Time. So in 2006, having seen the result of 240 feet of sea level rise on the side of a novelty mug, I started researching the melting of the ice caps.

I would stay up until midnight most nights – good thing I work from home managing global IT teams, from India to Eastern Europe, and can go to the office in my pajamas! As part of the New Age community for most of my life, I had always felt, in some unconscious way, that we were living in some kind of pre-apocalyptic halcyon age. Like humanity was an unguided missile on the path to destruction, you might say.

I found the Arctic News and started following it religiously, and kind of became a disciple of Sam Carana, who was so clear and unflinching in his analysis and data, and drawing conclusions from them. In July, 2012 there was a story about a 20 ton tractor in Greenland ….

Connecting the Dots continues here. Jennifer Hynes – About – 2016.


March of 2014, in Bhutan with Venerable Lama Karma Rinpoche and His Holiness Ngawang Tenzin Rinpoche




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Not To Be Missed: We Who Care About Climate Change


I took real note of this mention at Amazon of Kevin Lister’s book, Vortex of Violence which I have not only read, but read several times with great profit and education.  Kevin is not only a great voice, with great powers of reason, and a deep and irrevocable commitment to the most pressing needs of our time, but is my friend.  He by the way does not drive a car.  I respect him so much and those of you who know him, know how solid he is.  Without further ado, the review.  Worth a look:


Lister, Kevin, MSC: Gloucester, UK: Independent Researcher on leading activist on climate change and:

Maths Lecturer at Cirencester College. Credentials: BSc(eng), MBA, MSC (maths).
Author of “The Vortex of Violence and why we are losing the war on climate change,” which explores the linkage between international failures on climate change and nuclear weapons agreements.

His excellent webpage, blog, Kev’s Climate Column is here.  He is also well known at Facebook (his profile), and I know to pay attention to what he shares.  He never misses the mark.  Axlesoft’s great review here:

Not To Be Missed By Anyone Who Cares About Climate Change and the Planet
By Axlesoft on November 12, 2015, Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

‘I have been studying climate change since 2005, when I first became aware of feedback loops and tipping points that make the relentlessly ongoing increase of CO2 in the atmosphere especially dangerous – and not just in some distant future but within the lifespan of people living now.

‘I stumbled across a recommendation for this book in Jennifer Hynes’s excellent videos showing how abrupt climate change could result from large methane releases in the Arctic. I immediately found Mr. Lister’s book here and purchased it in e-book format for under four dollars, which was great.

‘This book, in my opinion, contains one of the clearest, most cogent explanation of climate change and the danger of abrupt change that has emerged since 2009, when the Keeling curve showed that the increase in CO2 reached a kind of inflection point. It answers numerous questions that are only roughly hinted at in most other climate change literature.

‘Chapter 2 by itself is a tour de force, very lucidly presenting a comprehensive big picture of the climate change predicament along with a riveting analysis and interpretation of the Keeling data.  The author is a math instructor in the UK who also happens to be a fine writer. He is also a thinker and a passionate advocate for clear thinking and sensible action, not just concerning climate change but also many other risks in our rapidly destabilizing world — and how these risks interact to compound the danger to the global environment.’



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