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Andrew Harvey, Continues

The interview with great religious scholar Andrew Harvey had many aspects to it, and continues here: Xnotes: Is There Hope? Xnotes: We Don’t Know?

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Andrew Harvey, Interview

It was such a great honor, to be interviewed by religious scholar, author, lecturer, mover and shaker in personal transformation, the esteemed Andrew Harvey [1]. The interviews were presented in segments, and I gladly share several of them here: Xnotes: … Continue reading

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Arctic Methane Monster Rapid Rise II

I have spent the last month finally getting going on AMM II.  It’s not easy.  It’s a lot to face.  It’s not like it is just bad news but it is THE news.  The news of all news.  Almost a … Continue reading

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Guy McPherson

Through no fault of anyone’s, the audio did not turn out well on the Guy session.  He was justly tired after Europe, so it was probably providential, and as good as I wanted to be and prepared accordingly, I cannot … Continue reading

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Extinction Radio, Podcast

I was hosted on Extinction Radio, ‘EPISODE 2, On April 5th, ‘In-depth Interview with Jennifer Hynes -producer of video “Methane Monster’s Rapid Rise”‘.

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Nature Bats Last, Podcast with Guy McPherson

Repeat. I was NOT seeking attention in doing this, but how fast it came. A gem of a man, the most esteemed Guy McPherson interviewed me days ago on his show.  Podcast here, 54 minutes long–Nature Bats Last – 09/09/14. … Continue reading

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