Abrupt Climate Change Video


‘Abrupt Climate Change 2015 information * Scientists * Guy McPherson * Paul Beckwith etc’ // Published on Nov 6, 2015

Here is a particularly nice video that activist and Facebook friend Marc Haneburght put out the week before last.  He did a great job of compiling lots of great content.  Thank you you Marc!  As he says:

‘Biggest story ever for Humanity.  A must see for any caring person on the Planet.  Climate is spinning out of control.  Presents information from Professor Guy McPherson, Climate System Scientist Paul Beckwith, Methane Scientist Dr. Natalia Shakhova, NASA Scientist Eric Rignot, Scientist [1], David Wasdell, Arctic News blogger Sam Carana, Malcolm Light, and Jennifer Hynes’.

My segment is at the 21:40 mark, starts here.  For complete viewing, the entire video here:

[1] [Bone chilling.  If you need to be expeditious, you can simply go to 20:28 mark at this link.  The best there is.  dk]

About jenniferhynes99

As a highly trained engineer in technology with an emphasis on large data migration and a deep and abiding interested in spirituality [Buddhism], and having traveled the world, Jennifer brings her broad understanding to rapid climate change and sustainability and spirit. She is deeply concerned and cares deeply for our planet. While not a formally trained climatologist, her Arctic Methane Monster video went gone viral in the last year. As a senior person with plenty of responsibility at a Fortune 100 Corporation, she vowed not to seek to promote her video and yet surely it happened.
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1 Response to Abrupt Climate Change Video

  1. Kevin Hester says:

    Eric Rignot nails it every time, brilliant team work, thank you all.


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