New Zealand

My more modest side prefers to fly more quietly under the radar but THEY tell me this is good for me, so I do it.  Well, what is good for me is good for the earth, since it is the message of mother earth I wish to share.

Kevin Hester has invited me–and generously, my guest also–to come to New Zealand early next year.  We have been discussing this for some time.  Those of you down under, please let me know if you are there, since this is now likely and would love to meet you.

I will give talks and make presentations, and those of you who are activists on Facebook in our climate and NTHE area know what a powerhouse Kevin is.  Thank you Kevin.  I also will get to meet the tirelessly hard worker Robin Westenra, whose See More Rocks blog recently surpassed 100,000 views.  Hope to meet them both in flesh and see many of you when we get there.

About jenniferhynes99

As a highly trained engineer in technology with an emphasis on large data migration and a deep and abiding interested in spirituality [Buddhism], and having traveled the world, Jennifer brings her broad understanding to rapid climate change and sustainability and spirit. She is deeply concerned and cares deeply for our planet. While not a formally trained climatologist, her Arctic Methane Monster video went gone viral in the last year. As a senior person with plenty of responsibility at a Fortune 100 Corporation, she vowed not to seek to promote her video and yet surely it happened.
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1 Response to New Zealand

  1. iconickevin says:

    Can’t wait to see you both. Rakino Island awaits.


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